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He is no longer sleeping more than 1 hour at a time

My 4 month old has had injections and is now sick. He is no longer sleeping more then 1 hour at a time. He can settle himself to sleep when he goes down but will not do it again after he wakes. I have tried to resettle him for about 1 hour at his midday nap after he wakes but this usualy makes him more worked up.He has about 4 naps a day and only is awake for 1 - 2 hrs in between. Do you have any suggestion on how i can get back into longer naps. He is staring to get a little better but still has a blocked nose and is due to have his 5 month injections soon which will muck it up again.

Answer: Hi, Sometimes when baby is unwell we naturally offer extra comfort to baby and this can create some habits that baby is not willing to give up so easily. Try to act on tired signs and always settle him awake into the cot, try to resettle for up to 15 mins but if no luck get him up and try again later, don`t make a battle out of it. However, don`t commence any new settling programs whilst baby is unwell. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 22 Jun 2009