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How do we make this transition to get him into a single bed?

Hi Maree
My son Miles turned two on the 17th of May he is currently sleeping with us each night because when we put him in the cot he is so uncomfortable. Im sure that he is too big for it and am wondering when he should go in to a single bed. Also how do we make this transition. I have a single bed in the spare room ready to go in his room but we dont have a rail and dont know what to use so how do we make sure that he is safe and comfortable. I was considering going to bed with him untill he falls asleep but what if he wakes in the night and wonders around the house in the dark, this could be dangerous. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appriecated.
Thanks a bunch,

Answer: Hi Megan, He would be fine to go into a bed now and you will be able to purchase safety side rails from a baby store no problem. You could also leave the mattress on the floor bedside the bed for a couple of weeks if you feel more secure this way. I would definitely avoid at all costs staying next to Miles until he falls asleep as he will wake on his light sleep and not be able to resettle without your comfort again. Try a night light so he can see his surroundings if he wakes. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 22 Jun 2009