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Should I be worried about the daytime `catnapping`?

I have difficulty getting my 7-week old daughter to sleep during the day.
I try to follow the feed/play/sleep routine but she often falls asleep at the end of a breastfeed then wakes when I wrap her and put her in her cot. Most days I only get her to sleep for one sleep cycle at a time then she wakes and I can`t get her back to sleep in her cot(although she will fall asleep in my arms!). I try to leave her to self-settle, but she rarely does and if I go in to her she only settles when I pick her up. I often take her for a walk in the pram or sling to extend her sleep if she wakes early - is this ok?

She sleeps really well at night (usually only waking once in a 12-hour period). At night I can place her in her cot awake and she`ll put herself to sleep but wont do this during the day.

She`s quite a content baby most of the time. Should I be worried about the daytime `catnapping`?? My main concern is that I don`t want to start `bad habits` that become problems as she gets older.

Answer: Hi, It seems you understand all the `rules` and often that`s half the battle. She is sleeping well overnight and it does seem she is fighting the daytime nap. It is easy to get into habits and we all try this and that to get the extra time out of baby but you might want to persist a little longer with the settling and resettling because she is obviously tired if she will settle in your arms. Try following our It`s Time To Sleep settling techniques they are all hands on and no leaving baby at this age but will help to teach her to sleep independently You can get details from `Your Baby`s Sleep` or www.itstimetosleep.com Cheers, Maree
Answered: 01 Jul 2009