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When she was 3 mths old she was hospitalised, since then has been fed to sleep

Hi, I used the time to sleep DVD with my first baby who is now 4. My problem is with my youngest daughter who is now 14mths old. When she was 3 mths old she was hospitalised with breathing difficulties and since then has fed to sleep. My biggest problem with controlled crying etc is that if she cries or is distressed for more than a minute or so she sometimes starts wheezing and then I comfort feed her to sleep. She is still breastfed and wakes during the night a minimum of four times sometimes it seems like every hour, feeds 20mins then back to sleep. My question is do I just deal with it until she is weaned (after winter hopefully 18mths?)or in a big girl bed at 2 - 21/2 or could you suggest another method which may work without her getting distressed??

I sometimes wonder whether she is eating enough during the day as she often refuses food and only really snacks. Could this be why she is waking or is it just a pattern she has gotten into?? A friend suggested Dimetapp or Demazine for 3 nights to get her used to sleeping but when I queried my GP he said they don`t usually recommend those medicines for babies under 2yrs.

Thanks, Fiona

Answer: Hi Fiona, No I wouldn`t recommend using those medications either. This is not about getting her to go to sleep, it is because she associates sleep with the feed that she wakes looking for the comfort. She will naturally eat less during the day because she is doing most of her feeding overnight. The only way to change this is to put her into bed awake and not offer the feeds overnight but I totally understand that this is distressing and you don`t want to bring on any wheezing attack but as long as you continue to feed her to sleep she will continue to wake for it. I would always recommend you consult your GP before implementing any settling program with your daughter. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 08 Jul 2009