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Whenever I drop this feed she starts waking again

Hi Maree, I have a little girl who has just turned one last week. She use to sleep through the night but now she is waking and will cry for ages until I feed her a bottle. She eats well and has a bottle before bed. I put her in her cot at 7pm and she goes to sleep by herself within 5-10mins. She then wakes at about 1-2pm. I have tried feeding her at 10pm, this works and she sleeps through to 6am. However, whenever I drop this feed she starts waking again. It seems as though she is really hungry as she drinks her entire bottle. I am sure she eats enough during the day, as speaking with other mums it seems as though she eats more than most 1 year olds. She isn`t a big baby weighing only 8.7kg. Do you have any suggestions as to how to break the cycle?

Answer: Hi, It does seem like this feed has become a habit and she associates this with sleep at 1-2am If you want to break the habit and she is old enough to be sleeping right through then you would need to stop the feed at 10pm and 2am. You may even find she eats more during the day because she is currently filling up at night as well. Try following our settling techniques to resettle her when she wakes. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 15 Oct 2008