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I do put him in my bed with my him lyin on my stomach to get him back to sleep

hi maree,
my name is kylie im a single mum an i have an 8 month old son bryce, we share the same room and i have a few questions or may just roll into one, but, my son was sleeping better before, he was sleepin up to 7 hours sleep at night in his own cot that was bout 2 an bit months ago. But now he doesnt do that, now ill put him down say 7.30 i feed him first from me as i brest feed an he eats dinner at 6 every night. but when i put him to bed at night i put him on his stomach 90per cent time is either asleep or goes to sleep straight away when bn put down on his stomach. he doesnt like sleeping on his back. but sometimes he can go till 10.30 to 12 at night bn asleep or sometimes he stirs bout two hours after i put him to bed at 7.30. but evn when he has his sleep till 12 he is hard to get back to sleep. but i have to admit i do put him in my bed with my him lyin on my stomach to get him bak to sleep but it can take up to 2 hours 4 him to actually be sound sleep an even then only bout 3 hours most till he wakes again, and agin is hard to get to sleep. im jst always tired an i need a bit of help, sorry 4 that, but if u can help me out that would be so greatful.....

Answer: Hi Kylie, At present it may be even harder as Bryce is probably going through 8 month separation anxiety. He is relying on your comfort to fall asleep and if you want to change this then you may want to try our settling program to teach him to sleep independently. When a baby falls asleep in one place and is transfered to another they look for that same comfort to return to sleep. Imagine this, you fall asleep in your bed and you wake up in the bath! you would want to go back to your bed to fall asleep again. When a baby falls asleep feeding or being rocked they are then tranfsfered to their cot they wake on their light sleep (as we all do ) and mum is not there so they can`t resettle without that feed or cuddle. If you used our settling techniques (and they are very hard to do) then he would fall asleep in his cot and be able to reseettle himself back to sleep. You can get details of our It`s Time To Sleep settling program from the website or from www.itstimetosleep.com. Best of luck. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 22 Oct 2008