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Avatar AV78
Granulated tissue postpartum

Hi, i am over 4 months postpartum (natural birth of 9.4 lbs girl with second degree tear which was not stitched) and still lightly bleeding and discomfort. I had a gynaecologist review 2 weeks ago who told me I had granulated tissue which she treated with silver nitrate. This was very painful though the bleeding stopped and I only had some light discharge. After 10 days I have started bleeding again. I know there are many people worse of though it is really getting me down. I haven't had intercourse with my partner for many months now and I am a very keen horse rider though haven't ridden for 8 months now. Don't know what to to do. My next gynaecologist appointment is not till another 2 - 4 weeks. Do I continue to take it easy or do I continue being active and do what I normally would do? I just wish I could finally get rid of those pads and get on with life :-(.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, I can totally understand that you're fed up with the ongoing issues you've had post partum. When you say granulated tissue I'm guessing you mean in the pereneal region where you tore? I actually think it would be worthwhile speaking with the gynaecologist herself, even ringing her to check your queries. I cannot say if you should go ahead and resume your normal activities without any compromise to your healing. You may be able to get an earlier apt (ask to be on the cancellation list) or just ring her or see if you can email. You don't want to risk any infection by having intercourse before you've healed but then again, you may be fine to just go ahead. The other option is to get a second opinion if you feel your situation warrants this, your choice of course. Best Jane
Answered: 20 Jul 2014