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5 reasons why you should apply for a MumInspired Business Grant

I recently read an article on the Huggies MumInspired Grant Program and one point that jumped out was the fact that 40% of mums surveyed by Huggies said they lacked confidence when it came to launching their business.

As someone that works with mums in business every day, this finding wasn’t a surprise, but I wondered how many of the mums surveyed would have the confidence to apply for the grant program itself?

So how to overcome that lack of belief in yourself or your product/service and go for that grant? Here are some tips to help you on your way:

1. Applying for the grant is great practice for finessing your awards entries

Winning awards is an amazing way of generating free publicity for you and your business, however there is an art to submitting. Get great tips on the internet for applying but nothing works better than writing applications over and over, pinpointing what you do well.

2. It will help you identify your Unique Selling Point

Nothing helps you understand your USP better than having to identify, summarise and sell it to a grant program such as Huggies. Having to put yourself in the shoes of the judges and ask yourself “what will they find of interest?” will help you determine what your market and the media will also find compelling about your product or service.

3. It will help you find a point of difference for your product/service

In having to sell your product or service to the judges you will also have to determine what makes you different from your competitors after all, simply sending in an application that states you are a child photographer isn’t really going to set you apart. So what is it that makes you different? Is it what you do, the service you offer or the problem you solve for parents? Once you know this, not only will you be able to produce a more compelling grant application but you’ll be able to use it to target your ideal clientele, in your marketing materials, sales pitches and more.

4. Remember, you don’t know what the judges are looking for

In my experience mums are experts at knowing what other people are thinking, even people they don’t know! For example, “I won’t call that person I’d love to have them mentor me but I know they’ll be too busy” or “I bet that mum in business today thought I wasn’t to be taken seriously as I had sick on my jacket”. Remember that attributing judgements to other people without any proof says more about you than it does about them.

If you’re thinking of not applying because you feel you won’t be what the judges are looking for what does that mean for you? Does it mean a lack of confidence or do you have some work to do to get your product/service into shape?

5. You do have something to offer

I have met many mums who feel that their years of full time child rearing means they don’t have anything to offer or they’ve lost touch with the business world. However, it’s not about knowing or being great at everything, it’s about reframing your skills and experiences so you can believe in yourself – and then so can everyone else.

Not only do you have multi tasking and time management skills that are second to none, you’ve been around for a while now – you have contacts, connections, opinions, experiences, schooling and past jobs. We are always learning, simply in a different arena and the only person you need to convince that you are amazing and have a fab business idea is yourself.

So I hope these tips help. Now go on, fill out that application form and win that $20,000 grant.

Good luck! Alli x

Alli Price runs Motivating Mum, a website and events service offering support and advice to Mumpreneurs (or those wanting to be). She provides networking lunches, brainstorm sessions, phone mentoring, articles and features, an online forum and more. She also runs the Biz Mums Blogging Carnival. W: T: @motivatingmum F: Motivating Mum