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3-way skin care

Our Softest Nappy

Cotton-like softness inside and out that gently hugs your baby in comfort all day and night.

GentleAbsorb® Layer

Absorbs wetness and runny bowel movements to keep baby’s skin cleaner and more protected.

Our Most Breathable Nappy

Allows air to circulate keeping baby cool and dry. Huggies® Nappies Breathe Dry® Cover has been clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash.

Size Guide

Newborn Nappies
0 - 5 kg 4 - 8 kg
per week
60 49
Individual usage may vary

Tips and Advice

Caring for Your Newborn

Tips on changing, bathing, settling & more

Changing Nappies

Learn the essentials for change time

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