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Baby Swimming Roadmap

You want your kids to learn to swim but don’t know where to start? As with many aspects of parenting it can all look a bit daunting at first. Get some tips to that will have you and the kids splashing around in no time!

Be aware of the facts as most of us spend our summers around the water. Whether it’s at the beach or by the pool, it’s smart to make sure babies and toddlers learn basic water skills as early as possible. Remember that adult supervision is always required around water.

No matter the swimming occasion, babies love to play and have fun in the water. However little accidents can be a big embarrassment, so Huggies Little Swimmers® swimpants contain unwanted surprises, giving you the freedom to enjoy the water with your little one, no matter what the swimming occasion.

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Kids Alive

What is kids alive?

Drowning is the greatest cause of accidental death in the under five age group in Australia. Last year, over 40 Australian children under the age of five died in drowning accidents, with a further 92 being admitted to hospital as the result of an immersion incident, often resulting in brain damage. In an effort to stop these preventable deaths, Laurie Lawrence developed the Kids Alive – Do The Five! water safety program in 1988 after a successful career as an Olympic swim coach and motivator.

Since its creation, Laurie and the Kids Alive program have helped reduce toddler deaths significantly in Queensland, and now he is taking the program to a national audience with the goal of further reducing preschooler water incidents all over the nation.

The majority of incidents can be prevented if children are taught basic, essential swimming skills, so the Kids Alive program is all about educating the public about the ways they can teach their own children to be safe around water.

“Australians love the outdoors, and they love to live and play near water so it’s every parent’s responsibility to make sure that their child is safe and confident in the water”, says Laurie.

The only way to have a fatality free summer is for all Australians to practice and spread the Kids Alive message:

Kids Alive Message

Huggies and Kids Alive

Huggies is proud to support the Kids Alive program. In fact, in 2005 it was Huggies support that allowed Laurie Lawrence to take his Kids Alive message around Australia on a national tour that included metropolitan and regional areas.

Huggies support also allowed Laurie to launch a new Kids Alive DVD focused on Teaching Your Baby to Swim. This latest addition to Laurie’s instructional water skills series focuses on water conditioning for newborn babies 0-4 months old – a revolutionary and unique approach to water safety designed by Laurie himself and sponsored by Huggies.

If you are a Huggies Club member you can purchase a copy of Laurie’s DVD at the specially discounted price of $17.96.

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