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What is the sign for toileting?

Hi Jackie,
I`d like to introduce a sign for my 7.5 month old son when giving him his bottle but I`m not sure if I should use the drink or milk sign? I also find that he doesn`t really pay attention to me when he`s hungry, do I just keep signing anyway?

Answer: Hi Melissa, Thank you for your email. When starting out introducing baby sign language to your child, I would start with a handful of signs, keeping it simple. In this instance, I would introduce the word "drink" and later down the line once your baby has mastered the sign for drink, you can begin to introduce the various kinds of drink. It is important to balance the practical signs such as drink with motivational signs such as "music", "teddy bear" etc. Each baby is different but incorporate a sign that your baby would be motivated by. When signing to your baby it is important to within your babys field of vision. Try and get your baby`s attention on the drink and then place the drink near your mouth while you sign and say "drink".While you may not be able to get your baby`s attention during mealtimes, there are lots of other opportunities to introduce the signs to your child. For example a drink in a book, a drink on television, a toy drink. Let me know how you go and remember, have fun! Happy Signing! Jackie
Answered: 15 Apr 2008