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Is sign language suitable for a child with delayed development?

My son is developmentally delayed, with epilepsy and autism. He has recently had neurosurgery for a lesion in his brain. He is non verbal at five years and cannot imitate his needs, wants, in ANY way (no clapping, pointing, waving etc). He has very delayed fine motor skills and finds it difficult to use two hands together. His eye contact is limited. Would this be something a child of his capabilities could use??

Answer: Hi there I have a number of parents who use baby sign language with their children, all who have different communication difficulties. Many children who have some form of communication problem are introduced to either baby sign language or Makaton through schools or childcare centres. I would recommend speaking to your doctor or speech therapist to see if this is something that would be worthwhile for your son. Baby sign language is based on simple signs in an effort to bridge the gap or communication. While some signs are done using both hands, you could demonstrate the sign using one hand. Remember, if you do decide to introduce baby sign language, introduce signs that are fun and motivating for your son. Best of luck and let me know how you get on. Jackie
Answered: 01 May 2008