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At 11mths it finally ``clicked``

Just wanted to share my experience - we started doing sign language around 6mths, but it took till about 11mths until it finally ``clicked``. Now she tells us more, hungry, milk, sleepy, poo, all done, and has even made up her own signs for play dough and her favourite TV show Hi-5. She gets real pleasure from the fact we can understand her and we feel amazed and proud that we can communicate with her so wel,l at such a young age. We shared her signs with day care and they love it too. Thanks. Julia and Keira (17mths)

Answer: Hi Julia Thank you for your email. I love to hear people’s stories of their experience with baby sign language. Keep the signing up and keep in touch, it would be great to see how Keira is doing in 6 months time. Happy Signing! Jackie
Answered: 01 May 2008