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Should I convert her back to Auslan, or stay using the American signs?

Hi Jackie,
I have a 17mth old daughter & started to sign not so long ago....I started reading "sign,sing & play" by monta byrant & used a few flip books (which my daughter loved) she is really enjoying signing..only problem is due to my ignorance I just assumed signing was pretty much the same. She uses some signs (in american sign language) eg:surprised, bored,light on/off & thinks its great1.. I don`t want to confuse her, do you think I should just leave her with her favourite signs or should I convert her to auslan. If so what is the best way to avoid confusion? I plan to teach auslan from now on. Can you tell me more about your book/flip cards?
Many thanks,

Answer: Hi Maria, My advise would be to leave the signs you have introduced in American sign language. Ensure that when you leave your child with friends, family or child care that they have a poster of the signs that your daughter could be signing in American sign language. You may find however that some of the signs in American and Auslan are very similar or the same sign in which case it will be easy for others to understand what your daughter is trying to communicate. In relation to the book and flip cards, the book is the "how to" introductory guide. It has a dictionary of 60 signs in the back of the book. The flash cards are a small book which are wipeable and contain 20 of the signs which are in the Australian Baby Hands book. These signs are a combination of food, family, home and animal signs. We also have a dictionary which is basically the book in dvd format. On our online shopping cart, we do offer some combo deals which will save you money when you buy more than one product. To access these combo deals, click here http://www.australianbabyhands.com/shopping/home.php?cat=253 Happy Signing! Jackie
Answered: 22 Apr 2009