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Would this help a child with delayed language development?

I have a 3.5yr old boy who has language development issues, and I am trying to reach out to communicate with him in anyway possible as he is now getting frustrated with his speech and is acting out. His syblings all speak fine so far as he is No 2 out of 4 children.

What are your thoughts as maybe trying baby sign to help him understand language and communicate with us?

He has about 60 word he says and alot of babble, he is currently undiagnosed as he is too young to confirm. No signs of autism etc, he understands us, and his other skillsets are great- Just language is the issue.

Can you help?
A frustrated and tired parent, who will do anything for a way to communicate.

Answer: Hi Ruth, I have many parents who are using baby sign language with their children who have communication difficulties. Generally the older the child, the quicker it is for them to pick up. Baby sign language can bridge that gap of communication around the words that your son cannot say currently. It will help reduce frustration and will provide an insight into his world. I would definitely try it with your son. Remember to start slowly with a handful of signs and to include some motivational signs for your son. Best of luck and let me know how you go. Happy Signing! Jackie
Answered: 29 Jun 2009