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She seems to use the `more` sign when she wants something

Hi Jackie, I started signing to my daughter at around 7months and by about 8 months she started to sign for `more` which was very exciting! She`s now 9.5 months but she`s not yet using any other signs. she seems to use the `more` sign when she wants something. at the moment i`m signing for eat,more,water,milk,finished and books.i`m pretty sure she understands what the other signs mean and i`ve seen her `practice` the milk sign so i think she has the physical capabilities but do you think she`s confused? i know it can take some time but if she`s using `more` for everything will she start using the other signs eventually?
Thanks! Anna

Answer: Hi Anna, Babies can go through the stage initially where once they know one sign, they believe it symbolises the sign for everything. This is where it is important to notice what is within your daughters field of vision. Once you can confirm what it is she is looking for, you can demonstrate the sign and perhaps even move her hands in the correct motion while saying the word. I would also encourage you to introduce another motivational sign as the majority of your signs seem quite practical. Is your daughter interested in teddy bears, music, dogs, cats, fish etc? By including the motivational signs, you are making the experience more fun for her. I hope it helps. Let me know how you go. Happy Signing! Jackie
Answered: 29 Jun 2009