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How do I deal with sign confusion?

Hi Jackie,
How do I deal with sign confusion? My little man has a light fetish at the moment, but signs `head` when he means `light`. The confusion probably stems from us talking about his robot having a light on it`s head.
Do I try and correct him or just continue using the correct signs for `head` and `light` and hope he will catch on?

Jakey`s Mum

Answer: Hi There Jakey`s Mum, I would correct him and continue to use the correct signs. Initially babies can go through a stage where once they know one sign, they use it to sign for everything. This is where it is important to notice what is within Jakey`s field of vision. Once you can confirm what it is he is looking at or for, you can demonstrate the sign and perhaps even move his hands in the correct motion while saying the word. Is it the light he is referring to or his head? I hope it helps. Let me know how you go. Jackie
Answered: 29 Jun 2009