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The nurse suggested we start using baby sign language

Last time Joshua when in for his monthly check up the nurse suggested to start using baby sign language. how do i do this and is there any recommendations as to the first few???

Answer: Hi There, Thank you for your email. To get started in baby sign language, it is important to start with just a handful of signs. Be sure to introduce a balance of practical and motivational signs to Joshua. Practical signs include eat, drink, sleep, pain etc. Motivationals signs are different from baby to baby, examples may include teddy bear, book, dog, cat, music etc. My book Australian Baby Hands is a step by step guide on the benefits of baby sign language, how to start and what signs to start with. Also, you can get a free introductory sign chart on my website at Keep in touch and let me know how your signing progresses. Happy Signing! Jackie
Answered: 01 Feb 2008