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Where can I learn and what should I start with?

Hi Jackie,
I am interested in teaching my 4 month old daughter how to communicate through sign for those early years. when can i start? where can i learn and what should i start with? i have found that when she is hungry she tries to put her whole hand in her mouth, is this her sign for being hungry or is it just that she is discovering her hands? is there i sign for hungry that i could teach her?
Thanks Leeanne

Answer: Hi Leeanne, Thank you for your email. The best age to start introducing baby sign language to your child is from around 6 months of age. However, saying that, I do have some parents who start introducing sign from birth. The main reason I suggest to start at 6 months of age is that it is at this age that your baby can physically use their hands to communicate with you. To learn baby sign language, you can learn through a number of resources. My book Australian Baby Hands is currently the only accredited Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) baby sign language product on the market. It teaches you all you need to know about baby sign language, when to introduce it and how to introduce it. The book also includes a dictionary of 60 signs, of which hungry is one of those signs. The sign your baby is currently doing may be something she has seen other people doing or it could be, as you said, she is just discovering her hands. For more information and a free chart on baby sign language, you can visit my website at I hope this answers your questions. Happy Signing! Jackie
Answered: 29 Jan 2008