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What is a good sign for toilet?

Hi there, Im thinking of toilet training my nearly 1 year old within the next couple of mths (not sure if its too early). Just wondering what a good sign for toilet is?

Answer: Hi There, Thank you for your email. There are two signs that I include in my book that you can introduce to your 1 year old for toilet training. These words are toilet and poo. The sign for poo is simply holding your nose like there is a bad smell, children love this sign and it is fun and it involves scrunching up your face. The toilet sign is simply tapping your right hand index finger off the side of your left hand. The book contains a photo of these signs and arrows to demonstrate how to move your hands to create the sign. Remember when introducing signs it is important to introduce a balance of practical and motivational signs. The signs for toilet training may be practical in this instance but you need to include signs that motivate your baby. Each baby is different so examples may include teddy bear, book, dog, music etc. Best of luck, keep in touch and let me know how you go. Happy Signing. Jackie
Answered: 01 Mar 2008