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Our son is 14 months old and screams a lot

Hello Jackie
All i can say is help please. Our son is 14 months old and screams a lot. We think he might be sleepy as he rubs his eyes, but once down he screams. Not just bed time he does it when he is in his highchair at dinner time (hard to feed when screaming) He does it when he wants picked up but then throughs himself back as if he didn`t want to be picked up. WE dont know what to do to stop the Screaming.I had an operation when i was Pregs wih him i had a lot of drugs for pain, i`m hoping it didn`t effect him in some way. Please help.
Kind Regards

Answer: Hi Trudy, I`m sorry to hear you`re having a tricky time. I`m afraid my expertise in baby sign language won`t really be of help to working out why your son is having a difficult time settling himself. I`d suggest you direct your question to Maree, as she may be able to offer better adive on helping him settle. Or see your Early Childhood Health Centre. Best of luck, Jackie
Answered: 01 Feb 2009