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I was wandering where I can get a copy of your book?

Hi Jackie,
I have a 2 1/2yo who was talking then with vast changes in our family situation last year stopped. I am hearing impaired and have trouble hearing her as nearly all her words sound the same. I have recently started trying to teach her sign but i can not remember what i learnt a few years ago. I live in a small country town with no deaf centre near, so I was wandering where i can get a copy of your book? and how much it costs. Also some advise on how to get her to form the signs properly as well as teaching my 9 month old.

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your email. In relation to purchasing my book, you can purchase it from my website - plus it is also available from all book stores nationwide. Last year we also released a dvd on baby sign language which is great as you get to see how to make the sign in the dictionary section of the DVD. The book costs $29.95 as does the DVD but we do have some amazing combination deals available on the website here. In relation to forming the signs properly, initially your chilod may do approximations of the signs. It is impostant to encourage her but to also demonstrate the correct sign. You can also demonstrate the sign and then manipulate her hands into the necessary way to do the sign. Finally the book and dvd talk you through the different ways of introducing baby sign to your child. It will be great for you as you will have a language that both your 9 month old and 2.5 year old can use with each other and also with others. Best of luck, Jackie
Answered: 01 Jul 2009