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My own sign language

Is it okay if I make up my own sign language symbols for my baby?

Answer: Hi, There are two schools of thought on baby sign language. One is to use made up gestures and the second is to use the national sign language of the country. My book, Australian Baby Hands, is based on the national sign language of Australia, Auslan. The reason I chose Auslan is that you are using an established language and should you move your child into childcare, there is a higher probability that a childcare centre has incorporated Auslan into their centre. This way your child can be easily understood wherever they go and will not experience frustration as people do not understand his/her gestures. Secondly, by continuing to use Auslan, you could effectively bring up a bilingual child. Most researchers support the second school of thought also due to the reasons of consistency and possible bilingualism. Happy Signing! Jackie
Answered: 29 Nov 2007