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How do I say "we love you very much"?

Hi, My daughter is 4.5 months old how do I say we love you very much... Good baby... and go to sleep you are tired?

Answer: Hi, Baby sign language is about initially incorporating one word sentences on sign into your routines. So I would encourage you not to be signing 3 and 4 word sentences initially. To start I would introduce around 5 words, a balance of practical and motivational signs. These signs might include eat, drink, sleep, teddy bear, music, book, dog, etc. As your baby progresses and begins to sign back you can begin to introduce more signs and then later on you can start combining them into two and three word sentences. If you still wish to proceed with learning these key phrases, its best to visually see a representation of how these signs are done. Most of these words are in my book Australian Baby Hands and it also covers how to introduce baby sign language into your home. Alternatively, there are some online websites that will provide you a video of how the sign is produced. I hope this has helped. Happy Signing! Jackie
Answered: 29 Nov 2007