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I`ve just realised that I`ve taught my daughter the wrong sign for "eat"

hi jackie
i don`t know how its happened, but i`ve just realised that i`ve taught my daughter the wrong sign for "eat". i`ve been using the wrong sign for the last two months and now she`s starting to use it back. here i was thinking how good it was that we actually had two-way communication. i wanted to start more signs with her so i checked back to the chart in my email and i`ve been using something else! any tips on how to fix this. she`s only 4mo and doesn`t do a good impression but she now uses this "sign" over the last week to indicate she wants to eat.

Answer: Hi Rachel, Thank you for your question. Firstly how different is the sign you have taught her to the correct sign? At this stage, if you have been using this sign for quite some time now and your baby has begun to incorporate it into her life, I would continue to use this sign. It`s important to ensure that you communicate the meaning for this particular sign to all family, care workers and people who are involved in your baby`s life. The most important thing is that your baby is understood. Moving foward, when introducing a sign, check the Australian Baby Hands book before introducing a new sign. This way you can ensure that you are using an already established and understood signing system. Remember its important to include practical and motivational signs to your baby. Happy Signing! Jackie
Answered: 15 Oct 2008