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What can I do to minimise my post traumatic stress disorder symptoms?

Hi, I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder after the birth of my twins. I was put on aropax and was seeing a psychologist. However after being off the aropax I am now pregnant (Yes it was Planned) however I am nervous that things will get worse again after the birth of this child. What can I do to minimise my symptoms?

Answer: Hi, Congratulations on your pregnancy and on it being planned - all great signs despite what you have been through. I would like to know more about the PTSD and the surrounding details. To minimise the symptoms of any anxiety or stress there are a range of things you can do that I will list here in no particular order as usually they would be tailored to the individual circumstance after a more thorough analysis.
  1. I would recommend going back to your psychologist if you felt they were helpful or contact the Australian Psychological Society for another referral if required.
  2. Eat, sleep, breath well. Exercise if you can, incorporating it into your busy life with twins, eg, walks to the park, walking up and down stairs. Drink lots of water - try one full glass per hour to train yourself. Limit caffienated tea/coffee/coke, epsecially the latter.
  3. Consider taking a Vitamin supplement (see a naturopath or chemist) to restore energy and stamina - this can really help with a sense of overwhelm and control.
  4. Focus on two little things you would like to acheive each day that would give you a sense of accomplishment, meaning and control, eg, looking at your childs face and take notice of the little features you may not have noticed before, play trucks/dollies/playdough as if you were a 3 year old.
  5. If your psychologist worked with you on identifying feelings and thought patterns spend some time doing a thought record. I can send you details if you contact me via
Answered: 01 Dec 2007