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At what age do the double teeth come through?

Hi, I was just wondering if you could maybe shed a little light for us....
My daughter turned 2 a couple off weeks ago and is constantly whinging-I think she is getting her double teeth as along with the whinging she seems to develope a high fever. THis has been going on for about 5 or more days. Could this be her teeth causing all this pain? At what age do the double teeth come through? Please help. QLD

Answer: Hi, I am not a teeth expert especially as my own children get their teeth very late so I cant even compare your experience with mine. Regardless they are in pain and need to be comforted. If you can find some time to make yourself feel calm and spend time with her being gentle, loving and reassuring even if she whinges this would be helpful. Also try and quiet your own mind so you can think more clearly about how to manage this situation - we have a lot to learn as a mum and mostly need to learn to work out how to quietly think through a situation like this so we can properly decide: do we need to go to the doctor? would a quiet reading session help? spending more time with her? Obviously if the fever is high and prolonged you must see a doctor asap. At this age children are so little and moving through so many changes - teething, separation anxiety, their brain development is phenomenal and it can be overwhelming. Quiet calm time with you would help her to feel safe and secure and able to cope better with whatever is causing her this distress. Betty.
Answered: 01 Dec 2007