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I`m going to have three children under the age of three. I`m not sure how I am going to cope

hi i have just found out i am pregnant again this means im going to have three children under the age of three im not sure how i am going to cope im so scared please help

Answer: Hi, I can understand that you would feel scared, and I think I know why... Look at how you expressed yourself. You immediately link being pregnant with `meaning` `3 under 3` and this is linked societally with stories about how demanding this can be and the feelings of being so scared. Let`s see if we can look at this slightly differently. Firstly, you are pregnant. You have just found out. How do you feel about this pregnancy as an event in itself. Just being pregnant. Not the third pregnancy. Not having 3 under 3. Just being pregnant. Second. Being pregnant means a lot more than having 3 under 3. You have narrowed your entire range of experiences to this one view only - this is partly our societal view as well - in our society we have many strong views such as how many children to have and the spacing of them that can be damaging and unhelpful to families - focus instead on what you are wanting. What else can being pregnant mean? For example, It will be busy but fun. It will be crazy but complete. I will need help and this is our plan to get it. When I look back on my young family it will lovely to see them growing up so close. I will move through motherhood facing one general stage with my children where they will all basically be doing playdough together, having sleeps, in nappies, doing swimming lessons etc (versus having a 10 year old and a 3 year old - completely different phases of life - sports games and playdough!!) - hope this part is clear. Third. When you think of being overwhelmed with 3 young children, you will automatically feel so scared. It is a mathematical equation - there is no other answer. What you can do though is calm down the thoughts racing through your mind and focus on how you will cope with this very realistic demanding situation. 3 children are hard work. Having them all so young means you will be physically demanded upon to a great extent. It would be fabulous if you could get some help in the house so you dont run yourself down. Also having had 3 young children you will need to boost your own resources and get some sleep, rest and do some things just for your own sanity. Try to get some time with your partner/husband - somehow! Having 3 children will be very demanding - that is a given. But there are many things you can do. Writing into the Huggies site shows me that you are fairly resourceful and I trust that you will come up with a range of options - some will work and others will not. Keep me posted. I am genuinely interested. Enjoy your pregnancy and your little family - you can be stressed out about it or you can enjoy it most you can - choose the latter - you may as well! Betty
Answered: 15 Dec 2007