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How is it that she tires me out so quickly?

I am 37yrs old i have 2 teenagers living away from home and i have a 18month old daughter that is so full on how is it that she tires me out so quickly is it because of my age or is there more to it?

Answer: Hi, Being older is one part of the situation - also you have been a parent for more than 10 years. You get long service leave in other jobs. As a parent you are on call 24/7, and that is exhausting. She is 18 months old and your third child - that is also a hard combination - busy toddler and tired parent. I have been in this situation myself. It would be good to know more about what you mean by `tires you out`? Are you very involved with her and take her on lots of activities? Are you busy being a mum of 3 and her natural demands are too much to endure? Are you low in iron or Vit B (seriously)? Probably all of these at one point or another. Here are some ideas:
  1. Realise and agree that you can only do so much. You are not a machine even though there is an overwhelming amount to do. You are simply flesh and bones and do need some rest /down time. The impossible question at times is when and how to get it, but this I will leave with you to think of.
  2. The more rest you have the better you will think and feel.
  3. When you are with your daughter, choose to spend time with her as part of your daily domestic `to do` list. When you are with her, be 100% engaged with the interaction with her and bring your thoughts back from the dishes and laundry or Christmas shopping back to the playdough, her smile etc.
  4. When you are feeling tired, take a slow deep breath (have you done yoga or pilates - this style of breathing is great). Go slow or take a rest with your daughter. Let her know, gently, that you are tired and want to have a tiny rest, snuggle with her, etc. She may not always co-operate but there you have it - work out what will work for you. Eg rest when she is napping.
This is all fairly practical advice. There is a lot more that is going on cognitively and emotionally for you. I would recommend focussing on how you are feeling emotionally and in your body under "feelings/body" and describe in detail what is happening. Then describe your thougths that race through your head when you are feeling tired. Write them down under `Thoughts`. There is a lot more you can do but this is a fabulous start if you can manage it. Contact me via the Huggies site or if you would like more help. Betty
Answered: 22 Dec 2007