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How can I get them to listen to me?

Hello, im a mother of 3 children and there ages are 6,3 and 18 months. They are extremly active children and i have trouble with disciplining them. They just dont seem to listen. I feel like i am really hard on them but i don`t want to be any softer because they just dont seem to want to listen to me anyway and i am at my witsends with what to do. Any idea how i can get them to listen to me, a different approach maybe?

Answer: Calming down before you speak with your children helps significantly. Often we are ineffective because of all the work we have to do - it is never ending....we dont get a break and when our kids dont listen it feels like we are our wits end - however if you can learn to stop and calm down so you can think more clearly about how to manage the situation you will gain a greater sense of control. PS Also children dont always listen or comply easily or readily just as we don`t... Let me know how you go. Warm Regards, Betty
Answered: 01 Nov 2007