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What is the likelihood of PND returning?

Dear Betty,
I suffered post natal depression when my son was born in march 2005. I received GP counselling and took Lexapro for about 18mths. (We did ask the GP for a referral to the "mental health unit" at our local hospital which she frowned upon!)What i`d like to know is what is the likelihood of PND returning if we decide to have another baby? If I `insist` with our new GP, is the local hospital able to help iron out any issues I think I might still have? (Eg labour anxiety) Both of us are very reluctant to travel down that road again.
Thank you for your time,
Joanne Paterson

Answer: Dear Jo, It would be scary thinking you might travel down that path again. The best advice I can give in this limited format is to learn about your own self talk so you can manage better the triggers for you getting anxious, stressed, and eventually feelings the symptoms of what is referred to as PND. Read any book by Albert Ellis on Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy and learn how to use a thought record. You will probably need some help from a psychologist to work through this strategy. It is difficult for me to give an opinion on your case when I dont know the details but sure the likelihood for any one person of experiencing what is referred to as PND would have to be the same if nothing else has changed. The symptoms you would have experienced are based on factors to do with your attitudes, patterns of thinking, and family history all of which need to be discussed so you can manage them better. Stay in touch. Betty
Answered: 01 Nov 2007