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PND after a year

Hi Betty,
I have a question about PND. Is it possible to get it after a year? I was fine at the birth of my son, but now as time goes along I find I am slowly going downhill in the patience stakes and feeling like I am not coping. Is this normal or another reason behind it?

Answer: Dear Julie, The symptoms of what is referred to as PND can occur at any time. Your experiences are perfectly normal. Please take some quiet time (2 minutes is enough) to learn how to calm down in the face of these stressful times so you can better manage the situations and feel a greater sense of control. This will leave you feel more satisfied even if you are feling annoyed or dissappointed with the outcome, but you will tend not to get as angry or anxious which are the more stronger and less helpful emotions as they really cloud our thinking... Keep in touch...Betty
Answered: 01 Nov 2007