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Has my depression effected my daughter?

When my daughter was born she had severe colic and I have major depression. For the first 3 months of her life she was constantly screaming and I was constantly crying. I am concerned that this has had an effect on my daughter. She is very clingy to me, she cries if she can see me and I am not holding her and she has learnt how to throw a tantrum already at 8 months. Is this normal behaviour for a 8 month old or has her start to life contributed to this?

Answer: You have both had a really hard start to your brand new lives. Well done though for having the insight and caring to write in to me. Can you try to learn how your own body reacts when you think about what has been going on for you over the last 8 months and probably before that as well. I want you to learn to tune in to how your body responds to stress so that you can recognise that you are tensing up and then learn some ways to calm the system down. You must do step one first though and it is extremely difficult to monitor our own behaviour. You are your daughter have gotten into a little pattern that unfortunately only you can break as you are the parent...I know it is hard but I know that you can do it...stay in touch...I dont want to overburden you with further information at this stage so just focus on learning about your own stress response first. Also visualing yourself being calm and centered can help especially when you are around your screaming baby..... Warm Regards, Betty
Answered: 01 Nov 2007