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Lost sex drive

Hi Betty,

I`m a first time mum to a gorgeous baby girl, who is three and a half months old. Our daughter is absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to my husband and I and we are both loving being parents.

My issue however is that I have completely lost my sex drive. During pregnancy i felt the same and my husband and I only made love a handful of times. I was assured by my friends that it was quite common and I would be back to normal once bub was born. I have suffered clinical depression in the past but don`t feel depressed at all since having my baby. Could this be a symptom of depression that I am overlooking.

Thanks for your help

Answer: Dear Amanda, Are you tired? Do you get a lot of time for yourself? Do you spend lots of time with your husband? Are others telling you that you are doing a great job being a mum? Good luck - I would say these things have more to do with your sex drive....You have a little baby who needs a lot of your time. Go with your own familys flow and do not compare to others. If you want more intimacy spending time together is a good start. The depression issue is difficult as I would need more information but I dont think it is the major factor given the facts that you are a young family...Betty
Answered: 01 Nov 2007