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hi betty,
i have 2 beautiful little girls, age 14months and 2 1/2 months. i get to the point sometimes that i have no contact to the outside world, id like to have a go at chatting on forums but feel as though the mums and dads that are already on there have formed a very close relationship. i have days where i dont want to talk to anyone and this frustrates me, i get angry at my husband because he isnt always home early enough to help. i feel as though i have had no me time at all, im pretty much home all the time and just wish i could leave the girls with hubby once a week for a few hours so i can do something for myself but he is worried about looking after them by himself. what do you suggest?

thank you

Answer: Dear Sam, All Dads are worried. He will be fine. Organise some time for you and your friends to catch up on a regular basis. Betty
Answered: 01 Nov 2007