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Our Son won`t do poo`s in the toilet anymore

I need suggestions for help! Our son has just turned five and has recently gone backwards with doing poos in the toilet i.e, will either do litle ones in his pants or put it off altogether, even though he is quite happy to sit on the toilet. Wees are fine, he was been trained at night for well over a year now with no wet beds, but still has a problem with poos. He has been checked by our GP and there is no medical reason for it. We also have a 20 month old daughter but I don`t think it is due to her as he has done poos on the toilet in the past. He has also been constipated several times in the past and I am scared that by holding it in he will go down that path again and create a vicious cycle. We have tried the star chart which seemed to work a little at first but not so much now. Any suggestions? He starts school next year!!!

Answer: He will probably do better at school. If he has been constipated that might be contributing as the experience will be upleasant and he will be holding on until the last possible moment. Encourage him to drink lots of water and eat more vegetables to prevent the constipation and the pain .. Explain to him that even though it hurts it is better for him to try to go to the toilet. Explain to him also about needing to drink more water and eat more vegetables to help his situation. He may like knowing that you experience this too when you dont drink enough water or eat your vegies...Betty
Answered: 01 Nov 2007