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I`m finding it hard to cope

I`m sometimes finding it hard to cope with just one child she is 6 months old but i find that i do most of the looking after and feeding etc.. i seem to be the only one to know how to settle her or so i think so. my mum wants to look after her sometimes so i can get a bit of my space and get chores done etc.. but i am reluctant to let any one look after her i`m worried that she may get settled differently than i settle her and the way i feed her by the time i get her back i worry if things will change its hard to listen to my mum as she had me 34 years ago and i`m an only child where my partner comes from a family of 6 and sometimes i ask his mum for advise because she has more experience my mum over stimulates her grandaughter and doesnt like her to be left to self settle where as i sometimes do what do i do how did you cope???

Answer: Its is so hard being a mum. All the rules change. We need to learn to be part of a family, a system that changes all the time and a lot of the things are not in our direct control. The only control we have at best is over our feelings and thoughts. See other comments re refs to books. Also what is the worst thing really really truly that could happen if the `routine` changed. Let others care for your child. Remember that as long as you are comfortable that they are loving and caring for your child you could maybe learn to let them do it their way....Betty
Answered: 01 Nov 2007