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Anyway to minimise the risks of PND?

Hi Betty. I experienced PND (primarily anxiety) after the birth of my first child (now 2) and took ADs for over a year. I am now expecting another baby, due early 2008. Like most people, there were probably many reasons for my PND (stressful pregnancy, difficult birth, high expectations, `perfectionist` personality, lack of support, medical difficulties with baby, ongoing sleep deprivation etc etc etc), some of which are still present. Whilst I won`t have the shock of the dramatic life-change of being a first-time Mum and have all that experience to draw on, I`m very concerned that I`ll get it again and would appreciate any advice on how to try and minimise the risks for the second time around. I`m considering starting on ADs as soon as the baby is born (a type that still enables me to breastfeed) - but somehow that feels like admitting defeat before I even start!

Answer: I understand how you must be feeling - I would suggest discussing this situation with a psychologist so you can feel a greater sense of control. The main feeling you are experiencing is anxiety and this can be managed. Read some books by Albert Ellis. There is also a great book called The Mother Dance by Harriet Lerner. Betty
Answered: 01 Nov 2007