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Depressed about my stretch marks

Hello Betty,
How do I get over feeling depressed about my stretch marks. I know there are more important things to worry about but everytime I look in the mirror I feel depressed knowing my mid drift will never be the same again and I`ll never be able to wear a bikini again. Do other new mums feel the same? I can`t keep myself from thinking about it everyday:(
There is no use telling myself it is worth it as I have a beautiful healthy boy. Please help.
Desperate Mum

Answer: You are right - there is no point saying it is worth is as you have a beautiful healthy boy....but this approach might work which is a variation....imagine the stretch marks covered your entire stomach, and then your legs, and then your upper torso and up to your neck and arms.....and even your face. Does this help you to deal better with the marks on your midriff? May be you wont ever like them but it would be very helpful for you to focus on accepting that unfortunately you got the stretchmarks, but that you didnt get the other conditions (well Im hoping that you didnt) that pregnancy may bring with arthritis, headaches, etc. Also it is important that you focus on something else as it is too easy to stay obsessed with any one part of our life or problems and this obsessing does not help us move through it , it keeps us stuck and creates distress. Each time you notice a stretch mark and feel depressed, imagine how you would like to feel WITH your stretch marks, eg, you could envisage feeling displeased but empowered at the same time. This is something I would like to discuss further so stay in touch. Betty
Answered: 08 Nov 2007