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I am finding I am constantly yelling at her

I have three children and recently my nearly two year old has been driving me mad. Not listening to me and doing whatever she wants. I know it is just the age and stage in her development but as I have a newborn baby I am finding I am constantly yelling at her, telling her to go away. This is affecting my parenting as I am constantly yelling at my children to go and do something just be good and leave me alone. I feel very guilty after I have yelled at them how can I stop do this so I can re-establish my loving relationship with my children.

Answer: Hi - I would avoid doing the things that dont work and learn some new ideas. Spend time with her, think about her good qualities, let her know how much you like different aspects about her, accept that at times - maybe even many times - she will be cranky, and find different ways that you can CALMLY help her. This idea of being calm is something you must learn to do and it is incredibly difficult to do under the pressure of mothering young children. One thing that you could try to see her as being upset and that your job is to help her (even when you are being overloaded) - she may want a cuddle or a quick kiss, a made up story, a game of I spy - anything that involves being close and connected to you. Take care. Betty
Answered: 08 Nov 2007