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I have no one to really `open up` to, or get support from

hi i`m 28 with my first baby,now 6 1/2 months old, and have been told that i`m `borderline` with post natal depression.
i have not been able 2 bring myself to go get help, partly cos i know that i don`t get support from my partner and have been grieving the death of my mother, who died from breast cancer in march 06... I am able 2 feel happy most of the time, but quite often end up in tears, and am losing my patience with my partner and baby which is not my usual `self`. since my family live in other states, i have no one to really `open up` to, or get support from....
is this all normal? what can u suggest for me to do?
lonely and afraid .

Answer: Hi - there are so many things I want to say to you. I am really sorry to hear about your mother. This is an important part of your experiences today. You are missing her and maybe thinking that if she was around it would be a bit easier and different. Also with your partner not being supportive it would be helpful to have more detail - one approach that I have tried is to see that they are trying too but that under stress we all seem to act really poorly in the eyes of our partner. Can you both spend more time together as a couple and not fighting but just being together, and finding ways to enjoy one anothers company. This may mean that you focus on saying positive, encouraging things to him. Let me know how you go.... Betty
Answered: 08 Nov 2007