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Son won`t stop screaming

i hope u can help me, well my 13 month old son wont stop screaming. i have tryed ignoring him when he dose is but that didnt work so we tryed saying "no, that hurts" but that didnt work. we tryed then both 4 about a month each. do u have any other things that can try please? thanks 4 ur time. michelle (a mum in need of peace) p.s. i hope u can help.

Answer: Dear Michelle, If your child is screaming then there is something wrong. Saying No and ignoring are really not going to work for any age group...Lets start with the basics: he is eating , sleeping, toileting well? Any allergies? What time of the day is the screaming - be precise - I am sure you are exhausted but see if you and your husband can work out a pattern. What is your general mood - apart from being stressed and tired.....Can you make yourself feel loving and calm in order to clear your thoughts and calm your own nervous system down. This is a very difficult situation to deal with and you will need to be calmer than the average situation requires so you can think clearer and so your baby does not pick up on your stress but instead can feel secure around your calm feelings. Try gentle motions with him; music, going outside and speaking softly about the back yard - the trees, birds etc...this will help settle the both of you down. Make sure that when you are doing this that you are 100% focussed on feeling calm and with your son - Try ignoring and saying No to the self talk in your own mind re "Ive got laundry to do`, `Dinner needs to be started` etc... Please stay in touch. ...Betty
Answered: 15 Nov 2007