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Lately i can`t seem to get him in the water

hi there i have a 2 year old boy he use to love water alot even getting into a bath was no trouble loved to splash with the girls even but lately i cant seem to get him in the water its really strange and unlike him i tryed with distracting him with toys but was no good even jumped in but he was pretty scared i dont know what to do if any suggestions would be so greatful. thank you from shaz

Answer: Dear Shaz, i would use a facecloth to bathe him until he feels comfortable again. It is hard to know `why` it happened. Either way, it has, and if you can be calm, accepting and look at different ways to get what you want and what he feels comfortable with then you are doing the best you can. Thank you for writing in with this example...It shows that motherhood is filled with all sorts of interesting challenges that have no apparent cause but that lie in our hands to manage the best way we can. Betty
Answered: 15 Nov 2007