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I don`t find myself looking forward to sex

Hi Betty, Since I have fallen pregnant, my partner and I have an awful sex life. We may have sex once or twice a week and even then, it`s usually quite routine and uninspiring. I don`t find myself looking forward to sex, even though I want to, and I can tell my partener is far too tired most of the time too. He gets up early for work and works 2 jobs, so I know he is exhausted by bed time! I don`t get "turned on" anymore so sex can even be quite painful, and it`s getting to the point where neither of us have the energy. Is there anything we can do?

Answer: Hi, Its difficult to look forward to anything when you are tired. You sound creative enough to look at different options....daytime, morning? Spending nice time together to connect always works. To have enjoyable sex you do need desire so thinking about each other during the day can also help you both. ...Betty
Answered: 15 Nov 2007