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He`s rolling from his back to stomach during the night

My son is nearly 6 months old and is rolling from his back to stomach during the night. Should I be worried about this? I have been trying to put him back on his back when I remember throughout the night but since he is sleeping through I only really do it maybe once. I don``t think he is able to roll back from his stomach once he is there. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Answer: Dear Renay, this is difficult to comment on as it relates specifically to our concerns re SIDS. I am sorry but do not feel comfortable to discuss in this forum and would recommend you discuss with your GP. I am happy that you have a healthy baby who is sleeping through for you. As a psychologist the only comment I can make is for you to make your own decisions based on what you feel is right for you and your family in consideration of being fully informed of the recommendations by your GP re this issue. Betty (Maree has also answered a very similar question this week in her Sleep section. See this page, about 5 questions from the bottom)
Answered: 22 Nov 2007