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How do I get rid of the dummies?

My 2 year old daughter loves her dummies. She relies on them for comfort and to sleep with. she also has 2 "blankies" which she uses for the same purposes. How do I get rid of the dummies? She often wakes during the night looking for it too - how do I deal with this?

Answer: Hi, Having a dummy or blanket provides some children with a sense of comfort and security. It is important to understand why you are making this decision at this point in time. She seems to be quite young still and will not understand why it has to be removed. If you are determined though, you can explain to her that it is time for her dummies to be used elsewhere and that she can still go to sleep with her blankies. For example, you can ask her to put the dummies in a special container and they can be put on her bedside table (in case she changes her mind and wants them during the night), or taken to a friends home for use by their teddy (if you are decided about this matter, but be prepared for tears as children of this age wouldn`t understand why they cant have their dummy back in the middle of the night). It is likely to still be difficult for the child but you can help her by being calm and reassuring, giving her cuddles, and encourage her to use her blankies. You can also discuss with her how nice it is to suck on the dummy and how she can get the same feeling from the blankie. It may take a few nights of interrupted sleep for you and at these times you will need to focus on being there for her as she adjusts to being without her dummies. Consider also her temperament - if she is generally easy then this process may also be easy....if she is fussy and difficult then she may resist and become very frustrated and upset during the night....Once again, it comes back to your original determination and ability to make yourself feel calm. Refrain from getting upset or angry yourself as this will make the situation worse for everyone. Also if you can spend extra time with her during the day so she develops over time a great sense of security this can help her learn to settle herself at night without a comfort object such as a blanket or dummy. Take Care, Betty
Answered: 29 Nov 2007