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My daughter is extremely keen to have a book published

Hi Brett,
My 11 year old daughter is passionate about reading and has a talent for writing stories. She is extremely keen to have a book published. I suspect though that there aren`t any publishers who would consider publishing a book/story written by a child. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could do to keep her interest going?

Answer: Hi Karen, For a really fantastic book, the author`s age is no barrier to getting it published. If you`re serious about trying to get published, a good place to start is to visit the websites of the Australian Society of Authors ( and the Australian Publishers` Association ( Be aware, though, getting published takes a lot of hard work and grim determination! Other options for keeping your daughter interested include competitions for young writers. Your local library or school library is a fantastic resource to find out what`s going on in your area. Once your daughter reaches high school, the English department can be a great help too. Good luck!
Answered: 08 Apr 2008