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How do I go about teaching her to read?

I have an almost 4yr old and I was wondering how I go about teaching her to read.

Answer: Hi Tammy, It goes without saying that exposing your 4 year old to lots of books is the best first step. Encouraging a love of books from an early age helps to ensure she picks up the habit and keeps it for life. If you`re having problems getting her to take an interest in books, do what you can to make story times more fun - curl up together in a favourite spot and pick a book about something that interests her. If story times are fine but she`s reluctant to actually start reading herself, don`t worry! She`ll eventually pick it up in her own time. The fact that you`re already enjoying books together means you`re on the right path. For some great resources for parents, check out "The Reading Bug" by Paul Jennings and "Reading Magic" by Mem Fox. They`re both available from the Huggies Bookclub.
Answered: 08 Apr 2008