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He sucks and chews on the corners of the books

hello Brett,
Reading to my 8 month old son has become a stressful event as he always wants to suck and chew on the corners of the books, and gets very frustrated if I move it out of reach. He gets very animated and excited when I show him a book, but unfortunately we never get to enjoy the experience.

Do you have any tips that might help, as I really love to read to him but have almost given up in order to keep the peace!

Answer: Hi Kristina, It sounds like your son is already showing an interest in books so the best thing to do is encourage it! If a book happens to get a little nibbled in the process then so be it. Perhaps grabbing a few board books would be a good start. They`re a whole lot more sturdy than a paperback and can withstand even the toughest toddler. If he can`t sit still for a whole story there`s a whole host of fun, interactive books for babies with activities, touchy-feely textures and surfaces. Cloth books and bath books are also great. As your son develops, he`ll soon realise books are more than just `objects` and your reading together sessions will become a less frustrating. In the mean time, be patient! Rest assured you`re on the right track. Brett
Answered: 01 Jun 2008