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I try reading to him but he`s only interested for 2 minutes

Hi Brett
My son is 15 months old and is an extremely active toddler. He prefers to explore and walk about rather than sit and concentrate on anything for very long. I try reading to him everyday but he only seems interested for about 2 minutes before he is off walking about the house. I`ve tried reading him nursery rhyme action books, lift-the-flap books, and other books with pictures of animals and things he is familiar with (like shoes, socks, bath etc). Again his attention span is quite short. Is there something I can do to encourage his love of books. By comparison his cousin who is three weeks older can sit and read a book with his parents for at least half an hour and longer. I don`t like to compare them as each child is different but am just wondering if I could be doing something differently to encourage his reading.

Answer: Hi Monica, There`s a reason so many parents read a book to their children just before bedtime - the right book can be just the trick to lull an active one into sleep. Perhaps it`s worthwhile getting a book at bedtime routine happening. No need to force the issue. Faced with a choice of going straight to bed or a having story first, most children will choose the story. For a child your son`s age, a great bedtime book would be Mem Fox`s "Time For Bed", a soothing rhyme that is short and sweet enough for the shortest of attention spans! Brett
Answered: 22 Jun 2008